So do you have a home Candy Floss Machine?

We have all been there at the fairground the big pink fluffy clouds of sweet smelling candy floss keep passing you by with the excited child or adult gripping there stick tightly.

Pink Fluffy clouds of Candy floss at chocolate wave blog

Pink Fluffy Candy floss

But have you ever looked at the stick?

This stick is an amazing tool for the candy floss operator, many people try and fail using kebab sticks instead …but why?

The science is how the stick is produced, a round stick just wont make the mark, as the candy floss will just slide of which is why so many people fail.

The Candy floss stick must be of a square edge, so that the candy floss has something to adhere too ( clever stuff!)

The stick must be nice and straight and strong which is why all professional operators will only use birch wood, no one will use bamboo for the risk of splinters and snapping easily, which could be a danger to our children, and they most definitely would not have a sharp point on the end.

So when you purchase your sticks make sure you get it right

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We also supply the paper candy floss cones and the candy floss bags

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